Benjamin Ringel - The Hangover 3

The Hangover 3

The Hangover 3 is the new sequel of the initial comedy The Hangover directed by Todd Phillips, says Benjamin Ringel. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha. This comedy reveals to us the adventures of: Alan, Phil, Stu and Doug.

The first sequel was a hilarious comedy with memorable scenes. The group of friends wakes up after a bachelor’s party, and they do not remember a thing. These friends go through some really wild adventures together. The second sequel is a continuation of the first one, but this time, the action took place in Bangkok. Mr. Chow emerges on the set, and all the troubles that come along with him. In the third sequel, Phil, Stu and Doug enjoy their routine and everyday lives, after two years. They remove their tattoos, and all the insanity is behind them now. The last thing they heard from Leslie Chow, was that he was in a Taiwan prison. The sole member of the group who was still making crazy things was Alan. He refuses to receive any therapy and “lives in harmony with its natural instincts”, without any restrictions, reasoning and restraints, but eventually, his surroundings will force him to ask for help. His friends will soon discover that Alan has some issues, and they will decide to help him. These friends will head again on a trip to Vegas, but this time, there is no bachelor’s party nor a wedding, so they should not have any problems. But it turned out quite the opposite situation. During the film, Alan succeeded to unite both the laughter and suspense, as he makes constantly irrational and foolish things.

The famous cast consisted of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, accepted some new members, John Goodman and Marshall. The scenery is often great and amusing. The background music perfectly matches with the action.

All the things considered, this is a very hilarious comedy that speaks about the mistakes people often make in life. This is the real sequel of The Hangover, and after the final scene, we are absolutely sure that we will watch The Hangover 4 in the future! If you want to fall down laughing, you should definitely watch The Hangover, adds Ringel.


Benjamin Ringel - Parker


Parker is a Taylor Hackford movie, that represents a mixture of genres i.e. action, crime and thriller, says Benjamin Ringel.  This movie talks about a professional thief Parker (Jason Statham) who is very honest, but when someone tries to deceive him, he goes for revenge. The film stars Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

Parker is a professional thief who follows two simple ethical principles – never rob those who have nothing and never hurt those who do not deserve it. However, in his last robbery, things go wrong when his team tries to trick him. Parker barely survives, and along with his new partner Leslie, he goes for revenge. After a successful robbery, the team of five people quarrels about how to split the money. Parker is the one who experienced hard times, because his so-called partners left him by the road, thinking that they have killed him. After that, one family has found and helped Parker, so he succeeded to stay alive. Parker always sticks to its principles, so he decided to punish his former partners.

Jason Statham excelled in this movie. He is a tough guy, who is not easy to handle. Jennifer Lopez is actually the main reason why the action is not completely predictable. She gives a bit of charm to the character, harmless humor and she also reveals that behind the rough exterior of Parker, there is a really nice person.  The film was declared a traditional action movie, but the performances of Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez have been very positively criticized. In addition, we have to mention the excellent act of Nick Nolte and Emma Booth (another Australian who found its place under the Hollywood sun).  The director goes by the “rules” of traditional action movie. Special effects are solid, but it had no intention to impress us by the film technology. We ought to mention the beautiful landscapes on West Palm Beach, Florida.

All in all, this action has largely fulfilled the audience’s expectations. However, it is clear that all the fans would probably want to watch the latest achievement of Jason Statham. This is a great film that every fan of action movies should not miss it, adds Ben Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - The Paperboy

The Paperboy

The plot takes place in the world of journalism, begins Benjamin Ringel. The story follows the “guided by ideals” journalist Ward who with his business partner came to his hometown in Florida to investigate the brutal murder of local sheriff. Soon he finds out that Hillary Van Warren, the man who is convicted for the crime and is in prison awaiting execution, is most likely innocent. That is when Ward indulges in the world of intrigues, spoofing and intrigue. At the same time, Hillary’s fiancé organizes protests, claiming his innocence and seeking for his release.

The screenplay initially sounds good – a reporter who sets out to explore how a man (possibly innocent) is sentenced to death, and somehow maybe that’s why I expect that this will be a journalist-trial-lawyer thriller. But for me it turned out that this was a tedious and tortured movie with promising story what promise failed to fulfill. The atmosphere is extremely awkward and slow – visually tiring. This was quite a difficult film, except for the disgust, as it will leave you with no other emotions after watching it. When to all this are added and the heat, sweat, mosquitoes, swamps and dirt, and injecting graphically unpleasant scenes of cleaning alligator’s innards, we get a film that is hard to watch. The viewer itself feels dirty, which on the other hand is not a necessarily fault; moreover, if the producers wanted to achieve this effect then they managed in it. The screenplay is pretty bad and only the actors did their jobs, finishes Ben Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s western, tells a story of the slave (Jamie Foxx) who works with a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) and fights to free his wife (Kerry Washington) who is a slave of the ruthless plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio), says Benjamin Ringel.

The dust behind Tarantino’s new film had already subsided. So I decided to now share my impressions with you. First of all Django is a great movie and there’s no question about it, at every level Django is Tarantino’s best film since Kill Bill. This one is far better than Inglorious Bastards, if nothing else it most resembles Tarantino, a man who has certainly shifted some boundaries in the world of moviemaking.

If Kill Bill was a wonderful tribute to the samurai films, Django is a living monument to the greatest Italian westerns ever. And this is a film which in a masterly way gives dedication to this sort of genre, and manages to push some boundaries in the cinematography. It is a wonderful monument of the Wild West culture imbued with irony, sarcasm and mild nostalgia. At the same time it is a universal film that can be associated with the current political developments in U.S.

What appears throughout the entire film is exaggeration and sometimes brutality that goes beyond the boundaries of the genre, and all this with copious amounts of intelligent black humor.

I had fun watching Django as the film simply has intensity and fast pace during the whole movie and Tarantino managed to create one insanely funny and clever film, most importantly with a lot of knowledge and courage. Movie script is excellent, with very well molded characters, sharp dialogues, and quotes to remember, finishes Mr. Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Identity Thief

Identity Thief

This is Seth Gordon’s comedy about an ordinary man who is after a con artist who stole his identity and lives on his account, says Benjamin Ringel. Jason Bateman (“Hancock”) and Melissa McCarthy (‘Bridesmaids’) will show you what an average citizen must survive through when confronted with an identity theft.

Diana (Melissa McCarthy) enjoys on the outskirts of Orlando, where as the queen of retail buys whatever she desires. There’s just one catch: the name that she uses to finance her escapades is Sandy Bigelow Patterson – the name of a business man (Jason Bateman) who lives in Denver.

Accused of a series of criminal acts, innocent Sandy tries to defend himself against the police, but police officers who are too tired and overworked from there are not much interested in his protests.

Only thing left for Sandy Bigelow Patterson to do is go south and try to find “himself”. He has one week time to catch the cheater, and therefore sets out to hunt the woman who holds the key to his destiny. Soon he is to realize how difficult it is to return lost identity.

By the words of critics this comedy was said to be “humorless movie” which reminds of “achievements of Adam Sandler” and the little credit went on the account of the main actors. But, isn’t the best thing when you enter the cinema giving the film average chance to amuse you and then go home thinking that you have not seen something so good for a long time? It was just my case, adds Mr. Ringel. With prejudices of just another typical mediocre comedy I entered the cinema not even expecting that I would be totally knocked down. The cast is a great combination, winning with each new joke, freshness of the humor and impossible vicissitudes. However the elements of the crime story, cannot be taken seriously, and no one will take that as bad. On the other hand, the convincing acting completes this charming story, finishes Benjamin Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Stand Up Guys

Stand Up Guys

The film follows two friends that are now retired criminals and whose desire to steal and enjoy the exciting fun never stops, starts Benjamin Ringel.

This crime comedy brings you as many as three Academy Award winners. Those are Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, and Christopher Walken. The movie is about two old friends that were criminals in their past ages and now again have the desire to steal. That’s when their exciting fun starts and never stops. At the time when one of them gets out of prison after serving long sentences, they decide to go for one last wild entertainment.

According to this synopsis, which is quite superficial, it is given to conclude something else but this movie is about the failures that come in life, and knowledge, which is the true value, and for what is worth sacrificing. No matter if those values are the friends, time, money, or maybe somebody unknown on the street.

This movie can be watched and “watched”. – With and without taking your brain into action and try to analyze it more deeply, but anyhow I am sure that is intriguing and very well done.

I will not bother you with the perspectives that are deliberately used in this way, with the rhythm and characters whose lives have “accidental” interweaved. After watching it, it will take a while until this movie “settles down”, finishes Benjamin Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Magic Mike

Magic Mike

Mike (Channing Tatum) and Adam (Alex Pettyfer) during the day are working on buildings and at night they are looking for an additional source of income. Their second profession is male stripping in a nightclub. Owner of the club is muscular Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) who is a veteran in this business. Mike and Adam are earning a lot of money and enjoying the ease of a charm but as Benjamin Ringel says their recklessness and greed will be the reason for jeopardizing their job and friendship.

Reid Carolin is the author of screenplay. He found the inspiration in some of the details of the early years of Channing Tatum (when he was 18-year-old). Although the plot at first glance is a cliché, the director Steven Soderbergh manages to get the best and to offer the audience visually compelling content, with lots of fun ingredients in form of moderate humor and slightly pronounced eroticism. The director is showing the world of striptease in which handsome young men with his stage performances impress the female audience from different ages, ranging from adult girls, to a lady of mature years.

The acting is not at a high level. Tatum is a solid, Alex Pettyfer is just average, while McConaughey is presenting his character with tremendous enthusiasm. In every scene he (especially when he is on stage) is genuinely enjoying. Cody Horn is the actress who plays Brooke’s character. Brook is a girl who knows what she does not want, but still is not sure what exactly she wants.

It is worth to note the imaginatively scenery, good makeup and “well-painted” atmosphere in the club, where the visitors can get an easy nighttime entertainment says Mr. Ringel. This is only reliable evidence that ‘Magic Mike’ leaved a strong impression, especially on the female population. Thus, this combination of a little comedy and more drama, proved as a win-win, because the film definitely deserves the attention of (good) film lovers.

Benjamin Ringel - Paris Express

Coursier / Paris Express

Coursier / Paris Express is a French comedy about a courier who must deliver an important delivery if he does not want to lose his girlfriend, starts Benjamin Ringel; briefly – “Taxi on a scooter”. The French filmmaker Hervé Renoh has signed this urban comedy which is based on a scenario written by Romain Levy.

Sam (Michaël Youn) is a courier for Express Delivery on the area of ​whole Paris. His scooter is the vehicle he uses to reach desired locations. Alone on his scooter, he is violating every rule in order to deliver an express delivery for the courier service that he is working for. However, no matter how hard he tries, he never gets a bonus from his boss (Jean-Marie Lamour), he is always overtaking  others, and he is never “passing unnoticed” by his father who is a policeman and who is catches him every time.

Everything that Sam has is his girlfriend Nadia (Géraldine Nakache), and this time she could leave him if he does not appear at her sister’s wedding . Underestimated among colleagues, he is wishing to gain the reputation with acceptance of a special delivery, even though it means the absence from the wedding ceremony.

The quick action, through which is parading a gallery of colorful characters manages to attract the attention of not overly demanding audience, specifically of the part of the audience who just wants a cheap, short-term fun. It needs to be mentioned that the concept of the story is just a resemblance to some of Hollywood comedies.

There is nothing original here. Most of the situations are cliché. Michaël Youn was truly tried but he did not really managed to impose itself as a skilled comedian. The emergence of the attractive Latin girl Catalina Denis (she debut in ‘Taxi 4′), as a Louise, a professional smugglers jewelry, does not change anything.

So, as Mr. Ringel says, Paris Express is nothing special, because the comedy lovers already have seen something like this so many times.

Benjamin Ringel - The Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The famous director Peter Jackson after a certain period of time served us another trilogy about the magical world and the strange creatures that only J.R.R. Tolkien in his novel ‘The Hobbit’ could create says Benjamin Ringel.

The Hobbit is fantasy adventure, which takes place some 60 years earlier than the period in the “Lord of The Rings’. This move is made by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro (the director of the entire project).

The Hobbit is the move where is showed the suggestively magical world in which hobbits, elves, goblins, orcs and fearsome dragons are living says Mr. Ringel. The main character is the hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who is accepting the challenge and leaving monotonous way of life. The wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) is convincing him to join a group of courageous dwarves on a mission for returning a lost kingdom of Erebor, which was several years ago ravaged by the fearsome dragon Smaug.

Benjamin Ringel - Green Street Hooligans

Green Street Hooligans

After winning a tournament in the U.S., the former world champion in karate and kick boxing Lexi Alexander replaced her boxing gloves with camera, Manheim address with sunnier California and began making films, mostly about sports, says Benjamin Ringel. Her short movie from 2002 about the boxer Johnny Flynton was nominated for Academy Award, and “Hooligans” is her first ambitious achievement for which the movie script was made jointly with the British writer Dougie Brimsonom…

After being expelled from Harvard, for possession of cocaine, Matt (Elijah Wood) moves to London with his sister and her husband Steve (Marc Warren). Steve’s younger brother Pete (Charlie Hunnam) is not exactly in the mood to socialize with the outsider Matt, but all that changes after a binge when Matt won the sympathy of Pete’s London society.

On returning home from a game, Pete’s “spiritual” society pulls Matt out of the clutches of a violent Birmingham fans, and then Matt learns the truth. Pete and his company are actually soccer hooligans who operate under the name of GSE (Green Street Elite).

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